Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its easy to overlook a natural disaster when it doesn’t affect you. Two days ago I went to Padre Las Casas, a medium sized town with one hotel, hot water and internet. The town’s aqueduct was destroyed by Noel. As I watched the Sur Futuro (local non-profit) sponsored water trucks fill the town’s water supply. I thought it would suck to be here – no water for two weeks! I’ve gone several days on tight water rations, but never that long. It wasn’t until that night when I realized I might not get a shower, that I saw I am here.

Back on the farm. I plan to leave with three samples. Natural, pulp-natural, and washed. But the rain is doing its best to not even let my simplest goals get done. I will have nothing to export, coffee that’s too humid, and more plans for next year. This is coffee.

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