Monday, November 19, 2007

On my way to Cabarete (beach/surf town) I met two young self-employed prostitutes. One loved her job, and the other liked it some times. Rosie asked if I thought that was bad –her job? “Its not for me, and I don’t judge you.” I then followed with, “It is bad when the girls/women are taken (as I make the non-verbal robbery sign) from their homes and forced into the job against their will.” They both agreed. I asked Rosie where to stay, and like most Dominicans, she walked me to the door of the Hotel. Most Americans would give exact directions but not walk out of their way.

When I was in Padres Las Casas I spoke with the coffee processing manager of a very successful coffee co-op, Efrem. He asked me what my plan was because some people think I’m going to “buy the harvest at flower,” an intermediary tactic used to secure coffee. The realization came crashing in, “I don’t know. . . Should I try to get an export license? Should I try to be a strict farmer? Should I try to be a super star barista? Should I try to open my own shop? Should I move to the DR? Should I wait for roasting position at B&B? I told Efrem I’ve had amazing exposure to the Speciality Coffee Industry and still don’t know my niche!

Today I meditated over my life’s direction while sun set over the beach. At first I thought about never leaving that beach. Then I wondered if I was asking the right question because I got no answer.

Later: an answer: I need to be like a grain of sand, willing to be a puzzle piece. And let the thing I have set in motion direct my next step.

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