Thursday, November 22, 2007

Home. I the harvest trip was a success because I was able to process my own coffee and have some samples to show for my hard work. There wasn’t much of a harvest. It was more of a sample trip because that is all I was able to take with me.

I got in at 10:00PM Thanksgiving Day. My family had a plate of food waiting for me; half way through that plate I asked my sister to start a second plate, I was hungry. I don’t get home sick, but it was good to be home. I slip into my old Dominican life and forget completely my American life. For example, I forget certain people in my American life until I see them again.

The silence was deafening as I laid down in my bed. The thick walls of my house and quiet neighborhood were too peaceful, too safe, too quite, and too lonely. Not one mule baying, not one rooster crowing, not even one motor passing. My bed was flat like a mountain lake and I had a real pillow! It will take some readjusting because I had forgotten all this existed for the last month.

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