Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sun + breeze = natural process. My farm only has one – sun. Full sun all day. The DR had the wettest October ever, which also hasn’t helped drying my coffee. The wind doesn’t really make it in to the Arroyon because its basically a high valley. My first DR natural test is 4 days in and I’m still waiting for it to show signs of drying. Time has become the largest crux for this trip. So much for processing 10 quintals (1,000lb.) natural. I plan to have a small micro-lot to export between my farm and another.

Now that I have everything lined up with a neighboring farmer to buy coffee cherries: price, conditions we are entering the luna nueva (new moon). According to local agricultural beliefs you can’t really work with the earth or anything in it during the luna nueva. That pushes my processing back another five days. I do respect their local farming beliefs; after all they’ve been farming their entire lives. So I’ll take the time to take care of legal issues in the city and visit a co-op in Monte Bonito.

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