Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Over lunch today Antonio de la Rosa (carpenter) & Antonio Galvan (manager) shared terrific stories of wild boar hunts. Antonio Galvan lost his favorite dog to a 200+ pound boar, which killed 3 dogs before the hunters got it. Note: they use dogs to pin the boars and machetes to kill them.

In another story, a huge boar spotted Antonio and Gerome and charged. Mouth open and tusks brazen the boar came with in 30 feet, barreling down the hill. A low laying aqueduct tube caught the boar in the mouth and it flipped. The dogs pinned the boar on the river bank and Antonio Galvan was left with the small knife, when he went in for the kill the knife wouldn’t penetrate the tough hide, twice! The dogs had the head under control, so he grabbed one hind leg with both hands and lifted up the back half of the boar. Gerome came around with the long knife to kill the boar as Antonio tried to stay clear of the tusks. They had to make two trips to bring the 250lb boar home.

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