Saturday, February 9, 2008

dream chasing

I have a bone to pick with these American movies. They paint such a pretty picture: one realizes his dream and lives happily ever after, end of story. My dream is coffee. It started with employment at Batdorf and Bronson. My dream grew with the purchase of my farm. This life is my dream, I love it. But it challenges me, which is a nice way of saying, 'its friggin' hard'.

When I thought I needed a few thousand dollars, I could really use several. There is so much to do: assets to protect; coffee to buy; coffee to sell; even more land to buy. I need to do this. I have everything to gain and a little debt to carry. So my problem with the movies is the following: I still have bad days; this journey is lonely; and life isn't perfect. This development of my company and myself is challenging. Sounds like I'm in a growth spurt, and am feeling the pains.

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