Monday, March 31, 2008

Dominican cupping

If you read my cupping results from December, then you would be reading a compilation of feedback from a few different roasters and importers that cupped my coffee. Bob Benck re-sample roasted my coffees two weeks ago and I got to cup my coffee fresh for the first time!

This is a rare privilege as most farmers sell their quality coffee to intermediaries who sell it to wet or dry mills who then sell it again and again. Finally, the good coffee is exported green and the producer almost never gets the chance to taste it!

I held a special cupping on Friday at the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar for the Dominican Coffees. There were four coffees on the table: GRAN, Juncalito, my pulp-natural and my natural.

GRAN: (washed) is an organic certified exporter that works in the boarder regions with the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Cupping notes: the coffee was strikingly nutty and could be an espresso base, but not the quality profile I hoped for.

Juncalito: (washed) is a Co-op that has won many awards in Dominican coffee competitions. They are quality oriented and high elevation. Cupping notes: chocolate-y honey-ed aroma with balanced acidity and body - then as it cooled a wonderful floral bouquet developed: orange flowers, pine apple, papaya. I was quiet impressed.

my Natural: (picked and sun-dried on raised beds) 100% typica cultivar from my farm. Cupping notes: Aaron Shivley, B&B roaster said, "banana nut bread." Others found berry, vanilla, red wine and fruit punch flavor notes. I found this coffee to be heavy, sweet and mango-y. In these cups there weren't hints of over fermentation, just potential [you can see the coffee drying in the top picture]

my Pulp-natural: (depulped and sun-dried on raised beds) 100% typica cultivar from my farm. Cupping notes: a dynamic chocolate - sweet - molasses aroma was followed with complex flavor notes and balanced body and acidity. Flavors of malt, caramel, rasian and sweet banana combined to leave you trying to decipher the notes. [to the left, the pulp-natural sample looks honey-ed and the closer sample is the washed, which was not cupped this time]

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Amber Eaves Tyree said...

alright mister. I don't recall getting word that there would be a cupping of YOUR coffee. let me know next time!