Monday, April 21, 2008

How to become a farmer without getting your hands dirty!

Coffee farms are good for the environment; they have bio-diversity levels comparable to native forests; they don't require chemicals; they maintain the water table; shade and coffee trees convert CO2 to O2; they produce a healthy product that happens to be the second largest commodity in the world; and the quality coffee market is growing at about 20% a year.

I purchased my coffee farm in the Dominican Republic in July '07 and manage the farm from Atlanta GA. I have quality legal counsel, a surveyor I can trust, relationships with local governments and non-profits, and I know the quality coffee industry well enough to answer basic questions. Did I mention that I work for one of the most respected coffee roasters in the US - Batdorf & Bronson,

Investors would be protected from liability because they would own a land holding company and I would manage the farm. Once the land is secure the investor has a hands free asset. Did I mention how beautiful this land is? Selling the coffee is not an issue because I would buy every bean and manage the harvest!

Depending on how much land you want, neighboring farms are for sale. I already sold the neighboring farm to the east. Investments would start at about $20,000USD to own your own coffee farm! Interested? Shoot me an email. इ

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