Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Program Directors

It is funny how things come together. A few weeks ago two soon-to-be college grads approached me looking for opportunities to work abroad. Their names are Gray and Claire. They are both receivers of more genes than most people as they are smart, driven, ambitious, nice, healthy and attractive! I have known Gray for a couple years, but Claire was in the Dancing Goats Cafe and we happened to strike up a conversation.

With all the business aspects of my coffee farm and now import business, I'm not able to dedicate much time to the development projects I started (Education Fund, Eco-tourism Guides, Family Planning, Coffee Co-op Development). Gray and Claire are considering Peace Corps, but aren't sure about the 2 year commitment. I have all the contacts and projects to create a Peace Corps experience for them.

So we are talking of starting a non-profit managed, driven and directed by Gray and Claire. I only asked them to involve me in project design. Claire is excited to get the Education Fund established and Gray is going to help with forming the non-profit/foundation.

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