Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Le doy su nombre

Young Tree Coffee is a company. The actual farm didn't have a name. When I talk to my farm manager, Antonio, we refer to parts of the farm by the prior owners' names. Nobody where I live in the DR actually names their farms. Farms are known by the owners names'. Everyone knows Julian has one of the best farms Monte Bonito and Juan Nila has one of the most beautiful, but the Farms are known as Finca de Julian (Julian's farm) and Finca de Juan Nila.

In Los Frios, my farm is known as Finca de Bairo. Your farm is a direct representative of yourself. Is it well maintained? Is it productive? I have spent many an hour pondering names, but none actually represented the farm. I even asked Antonio about what I should call the farm (because that is what Americans do, we give everything a name). Antonio being a respectful and humble man said, "Anything you want to call it is fine by us".

My coffee journey started with Peace Corps (Cuerpo de Paz) and that won't change. My coffee farm is much larger than just me. I don't live there full time and another name makes sense because it is not just mine, it is a model farm for the community. So I've decided on Finca de Paz (Farm of Peace). It is a beautiful, peaceful place and the name is short. Furthermore, both Dominicans and Americans can say it without feeling silly. There you have it.

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