Saturday, August 9, 2008

Travel dates

(my wet-mill)
Aug. 15th - Oct. 9th I will be in the Dominican Republic.

As usual, I have a to-do list longer than my time in country, but with lots of luck and good weather I might get most of it done. Here is my list: process a few micro-lots of coffee three different ways (washed, pulp-natural, and natual), buy a small property lot (a place to build drying tunnel and build a earth bag house), build a drying tunnel, build a earth bag house, resolve "the chicken incident" - again, visit my exporter, find some quality green coffee samples from other co-ops, attend a wet-mill inauguration (I purchased the land for the co-op and they will repay me with coffee), introduce Gray and Claire to Los Frios as counter parts/project directors for Young Tree Community, eat my weight in rice and beans, go surfing, and of course catch up with all my friends in the DR!

I can't wait: to eat arroz con habicuelas verdes con pollo guisa'o cooked over firewood by Nerva (by far the best cook in the entire country!), to give Antonio a hug and talk to his wife and 9 kids, drink bad coffee with all my neighbors, to wake up every day with the sun - tie on my machete - and walk down the hill to my farm, to live in Spanish (think it, speak it, barter it, discuss it, teach it), catchup on the town gossip (who had kids, who left, who came back, who made money, who died), catchup on politics, and hear how all the prices have increased again. I can't wait to go to my other home again.

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