Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone because times they are a changin'

So yes. Much has changed in the last couple weeks: job, harvest schedule and harvest plans. Change is constants in our lives. Change is good. But lots of change at once doesn't always feel good.

I have accepted an offer with Counter Culture Coffee to be their Atlanta Sales Rep. I will be starting in mid October after the harvest. The phrase I use to describe my feeling about this new opportunity is, "stoked out of my mind". In the same breath, I can't help but say how awesome my prior employer was to me. Batdorf & Bronson taught me everything I know about roasted coffee: cupping, describing, selling, brewing, barista-ing, delivering, packaging, and more. They gave me space to grow as a coffee professional and let me be part of their team. I couldn't have asked for more. We are parting on good terms. The quality coffee industry is small, really small. So I look forward to seeing my old B&B co-workers, now friends, at trade shows and around town in Atlanta.

My harvest schedule has been moved forward by a month, so I have had to slim down a some of my plans. There will be no farm tour. I leave Aug. 15 and return Oct. 9.

Claire and Gray will be traveling with me for most of the trip. They are the Project Directors of Young Tree Community and will be working to design and start a few development projects in Los Frios. I'm really stoked to have them on board. They bring energy, passion and talent. We have a stellar team to make long term changes in Los Frios. I would work mostly with coffee and they would work with sustainable development projects to answer the Los Frios' expressed needs, kinda like dynamic-duo. We hope to build a drying tunnel, two earth-bag houses, all while processing about 1,500 lbs of quality coffee. We hope to get most of that done but time will tell.

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Congrats!!! I'm so stoked for you!