Monday, September 29, 2008

good by, hello

[welcome to my kitchen on the farm: breakfast=banana + taro root + sardines]
clarie thomas and gray reilly have just left the country. they were here to investigate the opportunities for development work in los frios. we made some great progress and claire might start working as a english and computer teacher in the school system. gray might return in a year to do some development work. they will be missed.

my life long friend max is here with me until we leave on oct. 9th. it is different traveling with company as i usually travel here alone. everyone has been wonderful and let me see my home in a other light.

hello coffee. the coffee harvest is just now getting started. hence i will miss most of it, therefore i will get antonio processing a few bags pulp natural. speaking of which, i must run to buy some more chicken wire for some raised beds.

till soon

Friday, September 19, 2008

shades of red

first: i´m alive, in health and doing well.

second: with all the rain i´ve tried to do what i can. when it rains here things don´t get done; water logged soil can´t be shoveled; the road we cut can´t be driven on because of a muddy section; coffee shouldn´t be picked because the pez√≥n(where the coffee bean attaches to the branch) gets soft and even green coffee falls off the tree when one lowers it to pick the ripe cherries. hence the house only has the trench for the foundation dug and our first real coffee picking started last week.

antonio and i argue about what is truly ripe in terms of red cherries. is it fully ripe when the skin has only a little bit of yellow and mostly red? is it fully ripe only when skin has that deep red-purple color? if we pick super strictly, we will have to pick the same tree every 3 days. how is that sustainable? i still try to hold the quality line, but i also want to have a few bags to show for effort here. . .

i must run to visit a coffee coop in Monte Bonito.

be well friends.