Monday, January 12, 2009

coffee is a virtue, not a vice - me.

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Young Tree Coffee said...

Allyson, a close friend of mine, sent me the email below. I just wanted to share it.


Was catching up on some blog reading this morning and came across your opinion that coffee is a virtue not a vice. I couldn't agree more. I was describing my addiction (I think the word can be used without a negative connotation, right?) to my friend over the weekend. I feel like it is both an act of patience and of love to prepare my morning cup.

My first steps out of the bed are taken in the direction of the stove where I find my teapot waiting from yesterday. I fill 'er up, set in on the stove and put out the beans--they might smell better than any lover I've taken--and grind them while I wait. When the water is ready and I pour it in, I wonder how long it will take before I can have a sip without burning my mouth. More waiting. When I feel it's finally ready to be pressed (I think you told me once all the way down and then halfway back up--but what are your thoughts on a stir?), I pour a small amount in a cup so I can have a taste before I head out to school. The remainder is poured into my coffee thermos which is placed delicately into my booksack.

While riding the metro, I feel the weight of the mug but never resent it. In fact I'm happy to carry it with me all day, foregoing the locker in case I decide to have another cup. Once I get to school, I drag it out the 16 oz. as slowly using each sip almost as a reward for being an attentive student. I'm so in love.

One random thing I enjoy about coffee shops is how the smell gets into your sweater, book sack or purse so that when you return home and pass by it, the scent comes back to life. Beautiful.