Sunday, January 25, 2009

home again

My M.O. for entering or leaving the Dominican Republic usually involves the heaviest Dominican accented Spanish I can muster. It usually leads to nice converstaions and less grilling ¨How long are you staying? What are you doing here?¨. Yesterday the immigration offical saw all the DR stamps in my passport and asked if I had a girl friend here, nope I answered. She stamped my passport and tossed it back to me.

Per usuall I have loft goals of things to accomplish and little time to do it.

Yesterday I went to visit two of Antonio´s kids, Diokin and Bella, who live just outside Santo Domingo, Quita Sueño. Most people would describe it a as a shanty town or poverty stricken barrio. Most of the housing seemed imporvised and there where pot holes every where. And there were a couple homeless people. But the barrio felt alive with community. Nobody approached us. This vibe of ´life is hard but we are going to stick together´resondated from the loud speakers blaring reggaeton. I´m sure plenty of bad things happen in Quita Sueño, but bad things happen everywhere.

My DR cell phone for this week is 829.719.1323

till soon.

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