Saturday, January 3, 2009

Noche Buena + Harvest Updates

I talked to Antonio over the Holidays. Things are well in Los Frios. It seems there is always gripe, a cold, being passed around his family.

Dominicans don't do much for Christmas it is Noche Buena, Christmas Eve, that they get excited about. Usually the entire family gets together and they feast. Some of the seasonal foods are: habichuelas con dulce (sweetened bean drink) cha-ka (sweetened corn porridge) both are really tasty! They are best when cooked over firewood for long periods of time. You can taste a little bit of smoke in the sweet dishes.

In Los Frios where there is no power, hence no refrigeration; it is hard to do anything too fancy. So the rest of the meal is all about the usual foods: rice & beans (cooked together: moro, cooked seperate: guisa'o), tubers (yucca, platano, yautia, rabano, guineo, ayuma) and something fried (chicken, soft salami, tostones, beringjena). [To the right is a hearty breakfast on the farm: Yauita-taro root, guineo-green banana, yucca and sardines.]

The last picking of coffee already happened. Last week the pulp-natural or cafe miel was being moved up from the raised beds on the farm to the raised beds in town with more sun exposure.

I'm traveling to Los Frios from Jan. 24-Feb. 1. The plan is to gather up my coffee and 1,000 lbs that a co-op owes me and send it to my dry miller/exporter-Bent. He will process it and send it to me. Anybody wanna buy it?

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