Sunday, March 29, 2009

so much to say

Hello friends.

I have much good news. Some bad news. And plenty of news that is humbling.

The very good news is a surprise. The obvious good news is that I still have a job and coffee sales are good. And I tasted the coffee from the Nulio de Cafecultores de Monte Bonito and it was very good. I will release the very good news in April.

The bad news is that Lin's leg is still suspended and they are getting quotes on how much it will cost to fix it. They found some blood for the surgery (the family members are given prescriptions of his blood type and they have to go find it on their own and bring it back to the hospital before the surgery!) The other news is my coffee cupping results.

This is the humbling news. After all the work we put into better coffee processing (modified drying tunnels, strict picking, more raised beds in Los Frios, hermetically sealed coffee bags) the coffees were about the same as last year. Actually the washed samples tasted better than the pulp-natural which is the opposite of last year. This year the washed coffee was awesome last year it tasted lifeless. The pulp-natural had potential in the aroma, but it didn't hold up in the cup. Now, if you are comparing my 2nd harvest to world class American coffees, my harvest wouldn't have the body or acidity. By itself, it is not bad coffee. There is no defect. My coffees scored in the high 70's to low 80's by some very descriminating palets. There is plenty of potential I just hope I can make my coffee much, much better. The crux is not in the potential, but realizing the potentail.

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