Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bent's response:

Bent, owner of Karoma Estate, is a friend and my coffee exporter. In response to the article he said:

I don't know where they get 1,120 liters from to produce 1 liter of coffee!!!??

When you research the numbers on the production side, traditional washed coffee does use about 17 - 20 liters of water per 1 kilos of dry parchment coffee. In our system, we reduce that amount to about 1 liter per kilos of dry parchment. From there on, I don't know where anybody would use a lot of water. One kilo of dry parchment would mean about 1.5 lbs of roasted coffee from which you can produce many liters of coffee. On the farm, we don't actually pump the coffee, we just use the re-circulated water as a means of transport and as you said, the washer used a small amount of clean, fresh water for the actual washing, which is also recuperated.

Further, the decomposition of the organic matter in the washing and pulping water takes place anaerobically, meaning that no oxygen is used for that process.

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