Monday, June 29, 2009

3 + what = 54

There are many things I'm not good at, math is one of them, but I can solve the above equation.

The chicken saga continues. Last I understood, The Chicken Incident of 2009 was on hold until I could physically defend Antonio and myself in "court". So I told Antonio that he should, per direct instructions to me, go down to Bohechio and put out an order on the remaining chickens. Said Neighbor bought a new rooster and has placed it with his remaining chickens. With a legal order in place, Said Neighbor would have to do something about his chickens (funny, so many survived the poisoning).

Antonio was greeted with a simple but hostile statement from the Regional Mayor, "if you weren't traveling alone you would spend the night here for killing all those chickens". Here is a holding cell in Bohechio. Antonio stood his ground and defended us. There are, to my knowledge, 3 dead chickens as evidence that showed up in the hands of the Said Neighbor, however they insist there are 54.

Tomorrow there is a meeting with Antonio, Said Neighbor, Local Mayor and Regional Mayor. Yes, that is 3 against 1. I will be there in spirit. From my legal council, no laws have been upheld in this process and no real evidence exists. The 3 people against us are all family.

I talked to Antonio tonight. He is sick as a dog with a cold, fever, chills, and congested. He gave his word in the prior meeting and will up hold that. Please note the trip from Los Frios to Bohechio is an exhausting 2 hour trip in the back of a truck that doesn't cover 10 feet of asphalt, but only rutted and rocky trail.

3 + family ties = 54

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