Monday, November 16, 2009


11-14-09 3:41PM
My coffee exporter and I are in his Mitsubishi Montero en route to his dry mill.

ME: You know some buyers in the US don´t like to see bananas as intermediate shade on coffee farms. But they don´t own farms.
EXPORTER: You know Byron everyone has to have an opinion.
ME: Yup.
EXPORTER: And 50% of it is bull shit
ME: Opinions?
EXPORTER: Life. . . nothing ever seems to work.
ME: I like that. We are all living in eachothers´realities.

11-14-09 7:39PM
Post cupping some DR coffees that I´m sourcing, the rain is dumping, his Montero is plowing through puddles and we are on our way to eat pizza.

ME: You know what my beautiful problem is?
ME: I have no obligations to anyone. I can go anywhere with coffee. I don´t have to live on the farm. I´m single. All the advice I get from coffee people sounds really cool. And I´ve yet to get any clarity from my 6 weeks here!

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David LaMont said...

It'll be good to chat in person again soon, amigo.