Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Harvest Cupping Notes

First of all I would like to say thank you to all the people that took time out of their day to cup my coffees. Thank you: David LaMont,Tim Hill, Kim Elena Bullock, Tony Riffle, John Cole, Ben Helfen, Jamie Pair, Brandon Malcom, Ben Myers, Laura Vaughn, and Dave Delchamps. Above is one of the samples that Jamie and I roasted on the IMSA sample roaster.

Fully Washed (17 hour ferment, upper section of the farm, started drying on raised beds and finished on a patio, drying time 17 days): the notes through aromas were vanilla, honey, marshmallow, pleasant, strawberry. The acidity was medium plus and apple like. Flavors ranged from good tropical fruits, raisin, red grape juice, nutty. The body was balance and thin. The aftertaste was described as very drinkable.
Favorites 3

PostFermentation Soak (17 hour ferment, then washed, then place in running water for 24 hours, dried on raised bed for 3 days and finished on a patio, 13 days drying): aromas were sweet, fruit, chocolate, peanut. Acidity was balanced. Flavors were marshmallow, dried fruit and mellow. The body was described as drinkable with a finish that was super clean.
Favorites 4

Underwater Ferment (de-pulped and placed underwater in a clean tank for 24 hours, the water was changed 3 times, dried on raised bed for 3 days and finished on a patio,13 days drying): The aromas ranged from dry spices to chocolate to lemon. The acidity was balanced and flavors nutty, sweet, more chocolate and a hint of veggies. The body was delicate. It finished quick and nutty.

Pulp-natural (depulped and placed on raised bed, after two days the coffee was flipped, days 3-9 the coffee stayed on a raised bed, it took another 9 days on a patio to finish the coffee): Aromas were butterscotch, savory and wine. The acidity was medium. Flavors were sweet, graham cracker, applesauce, floral. The body of this was the crowd favorite heavy, round and coating, The finish was short and sweet.
Favorite 2

Full Natural (picked and placed on a raised bed for 8 days, then finished on a patio): It was in a class of its own, like naturals should be. Aromas were fruit laden descriptors: fruit jam, fruit loops, strawberry, sour apple, tang. Acidity was medium plus. The flavors listed were much like the Aromas: mixed berries, grape, sweet. The body was full, creamy and tart. The finish was clean and short.

Favorite 4

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