Saturday, December 5, 2009

tasting God

It is rare, but sometime I think I taste God in food. When a coffee makes me feel or tells me a story. When Nerva (my Dominican mom) makes a meal that satisfies more than hunger. When sushi seems to transfer the life force of the fish to me.

Dominicans can't live with out rice. I can't live with out rice. Every single day of the week I must eat rice. In a rather homogeneous society like the DR, you find yourself having the same conversation with many different people. Dominicans talk about food, they sing about food in songs, the typical meal of the day is also called, la bandera, the flag. Food is culture and patriotism. Me siento vacio hasta que yo como arro', e' como no he comido nada, I feel empty until I eat rice, it is as if I haven't eaten all day.

Above was lunch about 5 weeks ago: arro' blanco, huevo frito, aguacate, habichuela' guisa'o con taiota y cafe - white rice, fried eggs, avocado, stewed beans with chayote, and coffee.

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