Saturday, March 13, 2010

Export prep (hand sorted), done. LTL Export, next.

Translation: my coffee is almost ready.

The technical details: I just got off the phone with my exporter. My coffee has been hand sorted. It is ready to export. Now he is arranging the logistics: SANTIAGO, DR to PUERTO PLATA, DR (export port) to MIAMI FL to ATHENS GA. Soon my coffee will be a pallet of green LTL (less than container load) en route to Miami on a boat. Then a broker will receive it and put it on a truck to 1000 faces in Athens GA.

Being that it is a LTL I have all the coffee packaged in Grain Pro bags. This way the coffee could be rained on and it wouldn't get wet. It could be on a container with a mildly aromatic cargo and the aromas would not stick on the coffee resulting in funky flavors.

ETA: soonish.

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