Sunday, March 28, 2010

Small is beautiful, but . . .

Well, in the interest in transparency, I don't really support Air Freight because of the environmental and fiscal costs, however I've found it necessary for my coffee this harvest because of timeliness and financial cost. I need the coffee here before I compete in in Anaheim for the US Barista Championship.

Over the last several days I've had several phone calls with my exporter deciding how to get my coffee here. It turns out the price is about the same to air freight the coffee from Santiago DR to Miami FL USA, then put it on a truck and sent it to Athens, GA.

It is probably really boring to most of you, but I've been trying to look at the numbers. Coffee is calculated in a price per pound. i.e. The green transport of my coffee from Santiago to the DR is $0.57 per lb. Then to receive it in Miami and truck it to 1000 Faces in Athens, GA: $0.38 per lb, which total $0.95 per lb arrival cost. Now, if I was moving one container, 37,500lbs, of coffee then it would be about $0.15 per lb of coffee total!

Small is beautiful, but damn, it is expensive.

My coffee should in the air between Santiago and Miami right now. The proposed first roast date is April 20th. Place pre-orders now!

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Anonymous said...

As a coffee lay(wo)man, I was wondering how real coffee people feel about the FDA.