Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dominican Coffee for Sale from Finca La Paz

Yes. It is true. My coffee is for sale.
For years now people have asked where they can buy my coffee and I had to tell them to wait. Wait until I had a product. Currently I've been selling my time as a consultant and that is going well, but now after years of effort I actually have coffee for sale from my farm.

I have a great partnership with 1000 Faces Coffee. They exclusively purchased my coffee this year. They also have been very supportive in my barista competitions through sponsorship and roasting my coffee very very well.

Let me cut to the chase. This year I offer two different micro-lots. Full Natural and Fully Washed. The full natural is in very limited supply (only one burlap bag). There is very little full natural process coming out of Latin America that is done in an artisan fashion. This coffee was picked ripe and very carefully dried first on raised beds then finished on a patio. When it was dry milled, I was present to make sure they did a good job without heating up the coffee. The flavor notes are red fruit, chocolate and a big sweet body. There will be a subtle tart finish as well.
The Fully Washed is a more conventional process. Picked ripe, depupled, washed and, like the full natural, started to dry on a raised bed and finished on a patio. The notes that shine through on this coffee are deep chocolate, caramel, and a great silky body.

The coffees offered are both $18 per pound plus shipping from the 1000 Faces website. The coffee is available wholesale as well to local coffee shops. Now if you find this expensive, please let me explain. Artisan coffee is very expensive to produce. I'm actually losing $1,000 on this harvest! 1000 Faces should break even after all is said and done. They had to design a new label, spend time marketing it, upload it to their website, they sponsored me as a barista competitor and pay all their bills along they. So if you take a step back and look at what went into the coffee the price should seem like a bargain.

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