Thursday, May 20, 2010

DR espresso + DR photos = seed to cup

For the last couple years I've wanted to orchestrate an event at one of my local favorite coffee shops, Octane in Atlanta.

I did it. For the month of May, which only has a 11 days left, Octane will continue to offer my espresso as the guest espresso at both locations, Westside and Emory. What I'm most proud of is that the coffee taste really really good. The feedback from people has been so positive that I wouldn't believe it if it came from people I know. Just yesterday I was at Octane doing some work and a customer asked Dustin what were the processes in the guest espresso because it tasted so good. Dustin pointed at me and said, he can tell you, its his coffee.

Also for the month of May I have had some of my photography installed at Octane Westside. There are about 30 pictures total. A few portriates, a few landscapes and a seed to cup series. What makes the seed to cup series very relevent is that the actual coffee in the pictures, picking, drying, milling, is the same coffee in the espresso hopper.

So if you are in Atlanta and want to taste and see the coffee, drop in.

If you can't drop in you can see an interview Ben Helfen did of me on Octane's blog.

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