Saturday, June 26, 2010

Africa is a Country


The ignorant masses in the US that refer to Africa as a country might be more right than you think. I currently have had the privilege of watching world cup soccer every night with a Ugandan announcer from my hotel room. When ever an African country plays, they play for all of Africa. The Mobile Phone sponsor MTN's slogan is, "Our Flags are different, but our dream is the same".

Take Uganda for example, one country, 20 tribes, many more clans, probably 15 languages. They all look very different! Some facial structures and skin colors, shades of black, and mannerisms would lead one to think they are not governed by the same body. I have heard that most African nations follow the same trend. Many tribes, languages and cultures under each flag. Some tribes bridge boarders.

Uganda is full of beautiful things and some ugly things as well. They were freed from the British as a colony in 1962. Uganda is the birth place of Robusta coffee and I had a great espresso shot of strictly heirloom varieties and it was delicious! Yes, Robusta can be great. There is a ubiquitous bird that is a cross between a pelican, a teradactyl and the ugly stick. The bird eats trash for breakfast, which seems appropriate. I saw some beautiful antelope in a national park and a wild board that looked like it was wearing a mask to fend off people taking its picture, cause it was funny lookin'.

More to come when the internet is free. Pictures too.

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