Sunday, January 23, 2011

Harvest Updates

Pa' que sepa
. So that you know. The harvest at Finca La Paz is over for this year. The yield was a bit less than last year. I was there for the prep of the farm and I have been following weekly updates about picking, processing, weather, dry times, weather, rain, cloud cover, processing, weather, and more weather.

Last year's harvest couldn't have asked for better weather. The rains were so cooperative it was really incredible. This year was a bit rougher. We had a tropical storm hit us just as the largest picking happened. That was an issue because for a couple days we couldn't dry the coffee. Lucky for us the weather passed and the sun came out to dry the coffee. In general, the coffee took a while to dry. This season varied between wet and cold. The town of Los Frios only sits at 1,200 meters, but at our latitude we are stuck with typical high-altitude cool afternoons. Sure it will break 80 degrees most days, but to dry coffee on a raised beds and a patio 85+ for 6 hours is perfect.

On average the coffee took over two weeks to dry. This is good for the green life of the coffee. The natural process was the last one to finish.

This year there will be three different processes and I hope to sell them individually in a three pack of coffees. Washed with a post-fermentation soak, underwater fermentation then fully washed, and full natural.

Like I said the yield is low but the quality should be just fine after a good hand sort.

I am headed down to the DR in two weeks for the pruning and export prep of the coffee. The pruning and the post harvest management are some of the most influential factors that determine next years production. There will be a few different pruning methods used. I will share more as it happens.

When the my coffee is for sale I will share more details.

Now it is time to finish making Sancocho to fend off this sub-zero week here in New York City.